At Hardingasete, you find a rich variety of activities, and many of them are unique for this place. We can tailor the perfect combination for your group.

  • Chip heated wooden tubs: On a rock overlooking the fjord, we have three chip heated wooden tubs in the good, old style. This is a very popular activity before and/or after dinner. The guests can relax, enjoy a refreshing glass of cider and become one with the fjords and the mountains. We prepare the tubs on demand.
  • Sauna: We also have a sauna, which is often used as a pitstop after a refreshing swim in the fjord. The guests can also combine a visit here with the hot tubs, as they are placed in the same area.
  • Visit to the wash house: We have an old wash house where we brew our own beer, and we are always happy to invite guests. This is a nice pre-dinner activity where the guests are served some snacks, tastes of the beer and stories from the area told by a local expert.
  • Calm surroundings: Hardingasete is here to give the guests a different experience. The atmosphere is reflected in the amazing nature, unique facilities and culinary highlights.

We can also offer

  • Fishing: We have fishing equipment the guests may use from the pier or from a boat.
  • Canoes and kayaks: We have canoes and kayaks the guests may use on the Hardanger fjord.
  • Biciycles: We have bicycles the guests may use around the area.
  • Yard games: We can arrange yard games like shooting with a bow and arrow, air gun shooting or horseshoe pitching.

Hardingasete is localised in beautiful Hardanger, which offers some of Norway’s finest hiking opportunities. In close cooperation with local tour operators, we can arrange a number of different hiking tours:

  • Trip to and on Folgefonna glacier with a glacier guide.
  • Boat trip in Fyksesundet – maybe with a lunch break in the roadless village Botnen.
  • Viking boat trip with fishing.
  • We can also arrange the transport to the site by air, sea or land through our partners, as you wish.
«The amazing surroundings are framing Hardingasete in a beautiful way!»

Ole Johan Sletten, Aker Solutions



In our state of the art conference rooms, everything is set up to give you and your guests an unbeatable meeting room experience.

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Hardingasete is a member of De Historiske historical hotels and restaurants. We offer accommodation in charming old log cabins and storehouses with beautiful surroundings.

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Social events

Hardingasete is a popular venue for weddings, with its unique location and facilities. We offer different tailored packages for weddings and other social gatherings.

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social events